Apply-COY16 Session

Apply-COY16 Session

Dear Young Leaders,

In order to bring the common voice of African youth, AY4C will host, with the support of the Organizers, a session “African Youth4Climate: Together for Green Goals” at COY16.This major event will also be dedicated to the official launch of the largest federative organization for climate action on our continent “African Youth4Climate (AY4C)” with various opportunities for networking and collective action in favor of the climate. If you are interested in taking part to this important event as a facilitator or speakers of our organization please apply by filling out this form.

Please click here for more information.  DEADLINE: 20 August  2021, 11:59 p.m. BST

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1- I understand thatfilling in and submitting the application form does not imply guaranteed participation in the event.

2- By submitting this form, I confirm that the information provided is correct (true). I confirm that I will be available and will respect the health and security measures of the United Nations and the host country, if I am selected and will participate in the activities of AY4C at COY16.